Feeling Healthy And More Satisfied With Life Than Most

Mexican Millennials also see themselves as the healthiest Millennials in the world, given that almost half of them (48%) consider their health to be very good

Mexican Millennials are satisfied with their lives, optimistic about the future, willing to take risks, and very satisfied with their health and their balance between work and other aspects of life.


Their satisfaction with the current state of their country’s economy is one of the lowest measured in all countries and does not have a strong correlation with the general satisfaction of their life. This is true for all Millennials, but in Mexico the balance between work and the rest of their life is especially high, 25% versus the 19% global average. 


Latin American Millennials are more satisfied with life than the rest of the world. Mexico leads the way in this regard with 35% of its Millennials claiming to be satisfied with their lives in general, followed by Colombia (33%) and Brazil (28). In contrast, Japanese Millennials are the most dissatisfied in the world, with only 10% declaring that they are satisfied with their life. That number is especially low when compared to the global average of 20%.


Mexican Millennials also see themselves as the healthiest Millennials in the world, given that almost half of them (48%) consider their health to be very good. They do not, however, stand out in their search to achieve social status and recognition (57% in Mexico versus 58% in the rest of the world).


Over half of Mexican Millennials (58%) feel that they have a high impact in the events that affect their life. At the same time, 75% of them are willing to take risks to get what they want.


These Millennials are also less patriarchal. Only half (48%) believe that the father must be the master the house. This is idea is particularly strong among young women, with only 39% considering the father the master of the house.


This is quite relevant considering that in 25% of the Mexican homes, women are the main source of income (INEGI — Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía — Census 2010).


Only one-third of Millennials in Mexico (34%) consider it necessary to maintain the cultural identities of ethnic and racial groups in order to have a better country. In the same way, fewer than half of Mexican Millennials (42%) identify themselves as a member of a religious faith. This is very peculiar in a country where 83% of the population identify themselves as Catholic (INEGI — Census 2010).


Mexican Millennials are the most satisfied country in terms of time spent working and time they spend in other aspects of their lives (25%). They also prefer, slightly, to work in the public interest (54%) over making a lot of money in business (47%).


Culture, religion and patriarchy are less important for the Mexican Millennials than previous generations. They are looking for freedom and control of their lives over status and money. Therefore, they are looking for meaningful jobs that keep a balance with the rest of their lives.

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