2015 IRIS Millennials Survey: Is Social Media Replacing Social Interaction?

With our 2015 IRIS Millennials study, we explore the global prevalence of social media and the relationship between traditional social interactions and activity on social media among Millennials.


Across the globe, nearly 68% of our respondents indicated that they had indeed activated at least one social media account.

Of those that had created an account, almost 77% are actively engaging with social media (at least once a day,) while 86% are still actively socializing in person (meeting with friends to socialize at least once a week.)


Interestingly, when we break those numbers down by world region we can see that the region with the highest prevalence of social media, Central and South America (79%) is also the region with the lowest incidence of active social media users.

Employment Status

When we break the numbers down by employment status, we can see that students tend to be significantly more social than other with both the highest number of respondents that are active on social media (80%) and socially in person (90%.) This is counter the belief held by many, that social media activity limits in person socialization.   

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