2015 IRIS Millennials Survey: Explore The Data

The 2015 IRIS Millennials Survey seeks to develop a unique understanding of an extremely important demographic group. The survey is comprised of two lines of inquiry, which are each represented in the interactive dashboard below.


The first line of inquiry (represented as blue bars) leverages questions from the European Social Survey (ESS). The ESS is an academically-driven, cross-national survey that has been conducted every two years across Europe since 2001. The content selected from the ESS centres on the measurement of attitudes towards optimism and satisfaction with one’s current state of being (e.g., health, work/life balance and outlook on the future).


The second line of inquiry (represented as red dots) involves a look at the psychographic profile of millennials through the lens of Environics’ Social Values. We believe this data informs a compelling narrative on global Millennials by generating insight into some of the things they hold most important in their lives.

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